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Beatbox Tutorial – How To Be On The Beat

by Adi K on November 21, 2009

I have heard lots of beatboxers that are finding hard time to be on the beat, lets say we compare them to a drum machine or a professional drummer and they will look a bit shaky. this beatbox tutorial will guide you how to be on the beat and be the best beatboxer around.

Beatbox tutorial – work with a metronome

If you don’t have some relative beat to rely on, it is hard to stay on the beat, especially if you are trying doing a really complex beat. remember that even a really simple beat is hard to maintain, it’s all about timing,  you must develop your groove! you can do it by buying a physical metronome (take it everywhere) or just download some free metronome software.

Just open the metronome in a relative slow pace, and follow this steps:

Start beatboxing on it. if you feel you are tight on the beat and you are exactly with the metronome, take it 2 notches higher (in a standard metronome). if you can’t make your beat in time and precision, take it one notch down.
now repeat this process till you get to your wanted tempo level! (this requires discipline that professional musician have, try to make it like a game so it wouldn’t be boring for you)
In this way you don’t get frustrated that you can’t make the beat, and you make your progress nice, slow and smooth.

beatbox tutorial

take lesson with a drummer or a musician

Professional musicians usually know the importance of timing in music, that’s what makes music feel stuck or amazing. even a few lessons with a drummer could help you dramatically change your thinking and performance.
ask them what exercises you can do to improve your feeling of rhythm. if you don’t make any progress with that teacher you should:
(a) Start practicing!
(b) Find another teacher to teach you the basics of rhythm feeling.

Note: you can always make a great progress by yourself.

Ask others how you are sounding

Make beatbox to people around you and ask them what they think, always be open for criticism that builds you , and learn from it. ask them what is good about your beatboxing so you can maintain it, and what not so good so you can improve it.

And Finally: practice practice and practice – to be the best beatboxer you must put discipline and effort trough out time to make great progress, remember one step a day could mean a gigantic difference in the future.

Try reading this beatbox tutorial over and over to understand it’s fundamentals.

Happy Beatboxing!

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