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Ylvis – THE FOX (Safari) – Acapella Beatbox Cover – Isato Beatbox

by Adi K on October 11, 2013

What does the Fox say?
Acapella Beatbox Cover by Isato Beatbox

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sahil July 11, 2015 at 9:20 pm

hi isato i just love your beatbox tutorials i mean it helped me alot i do have big a desire to beatbox like a proffesssional coz i love everything about music and beatbox i found it as the most explicit.when used to see people beatboxing i just to feel depressed coz i wasnt like one of them but when i visited ur website i was astonished to see i learn beatbox,i have checked one or two beatbox tutorial videos but the most easiest and convinient was ur, i just indulge into it and ur toturial was free learning and also leisure i loved watching it is a part of my soul.i really really admire for teaching us such a wonderful tutorials online.i am also learnit when i feel really bore.u are a role model for me seriously.u are the best beatboxer in the world. ur helping people fulfilling thier dreams. thank u for inspiring and aspiring us. u encouraged my interest. i hope i will be an epic beatboxer. i offer my gratitude to u and ur team.i salute u for ur work.waiting for more tutorial if any.thanks alot.

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